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Wind Park Aderes 36 MW


Rf Energy and our company cooperated for an Wind Park of 36MW. 12 Vestas Turbined with 12000m3 of ready mixed concrete on site.

C25/30 quality with 14 hours grounding time (800m3 including delivering time)

Wind Park Arachnaio II 34 MW


Our Company with Rokas Renewables cooperated to construct a 34 MW Wind Park about 15000 m3 or ready mixed concrete and steel reinforcement

Wind Park ‘Karatza Mountain Trizinias’, 36mw


Cooperation with El.Tech. Anemos for 18 Turbines in Ortholithi Position in Karatza Mountain of Trizinia. Our Company delivered 10.000 m3 of ready mixed concrete on site

Wind park Aderes II Mountain 16.1 MW
Cooperation with ‘El.Tech. Anemos’ for a 16.1 MW wind Park.
Our Company delivered ready mixed concrete on site.
Wind Park Arachnaio I 36 MW


Our Company with Rokas Renewables cooperated to construct a 36 MW Wind Park about 15000 m3 or ready mixed concrete and steel reinforcement


We are growing dynamically with huge Partnerships, in renewable energy sources in Greece


We are in position to move technology and knowledge in any place we are asked to, establishing productions on site


We are undertaking high quality and standards projects, ready to use in very short time

Indicatively we mention that we were able to deliver 32 foundation of Wind Turbines to ‘Stefani’ area in Korinthos Greece for ENEL. The foundations were ready in 50 days, time period



We can deliver construction of infrastructure of Wind Parks from the Beginning



  • Overall study, design and construction of electrical equipment and substations Civil Engineering Work:


  • mixed concrete production on site,


  • manufacturing and implementation of steel reinforcement,


  • mixed concrete formwork and mixed concrete maintenance




The wind Parks Infrastructure is delivered ready for the implementation of the Wind Turbine’s pillar.


The assurance of our clients as the quality and the quantity of the ready mixed concrete is succeded by our specialized scientific and technical staff, our modern Plants, with well-equipped laboratories and the ultimate control upon the project.


Renewable Energy Parks
Wind Park ‘Stefani Korinthos’ 27.8 MW


Cooperation with Enel for a 32 Turbine Park in Stefani area in Korinthos Greece. We were able to deliver 32 foundations of Wind Turbined in 50 days time period

Photovoltaic Park "Mount Aderes" 2 MW
Photovoltaic Park " position Vrousti Argolidos " capacity of 2 MW


Cooperation with El. Tech. Anemos SA (contractor of the project Aktor SA), for the construction of photovoltaic parks with a capacity of 2 MW, in place Vrousti Argolis. Our company undertook the supply of concrete and aggregates.

Wind park Aderes Mountain position Loggarakia 
Cooperation with Terna SA for an eight Turbine Park in Aderes mountain
Construction of wind energy plants to "Grammatikakis", Prefecture of Rodopi
Our company in cooperation with the SILCIO SA undertook the execution of concrete works and foundations of wind turbines and hutches control of the wind parks in Organi and Grammatikakis position in Rodopi.
First turnover of our site in Grammatikakis position
Installing high quality mobile concrete production complex 60 m3 per hour
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